Lorelai Blue


THIS is what I’ve been holding in the entire autumn. Actually I’ve had three exciting projects going on this autumn I have had to be all secretive about, but now the first one of them is out and public and I can share with you that…   *drum-roll*

…I’ll be on stage performing burlesque next February!!! We decided to form a duo with Honey B’Zarre and apply for the Burlesque Blossoms newcomers’ night event and got accepted!

©Qumma Art

Blue n’ Bizarre  ©Qumma Art

It took a surprising amount of effort and lots of bad and overly-complicated ideas to come up with a name, but we finally settled calling our duo Blue n’ Bizarre. Keeping it simple!

©Qumma Art

Blue n’ Bizarre   ©Qumma Art

It’s already been quite a journey. We’re well on the way building our act and even performed it once at a small private event, had our first photo shoot and have a myriad of performance ideas queued up. All I can say about our performance is that it’s going to look very much like us -twisted and funny – and that I can’t wait to bring it on stage!

Meanwhile you can find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blue-n-Bizarre/968250803188257. I also have a page of my own (I know, I know, kind of soon for that!): https://www.facebook.com/lorelaiblue.

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