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Home, sweet home! Perhaps I should dust a bit...

Home, sweet home! Perhaps I should dust a bit…

Ah, my favorite time of the year! This year the weather seemed to make an extra effort to create a gloomy Halloween atmosphere: it’s been windy, cold and kind of eerie. Some people hate the darkness, but I love it. I embrace it and become the kind of mad bohemian “candle lady” who fills their house with candles and tea lights and happily curls up under blankets to read ghost stories. And, of course, hosts dinner parties.

This year I may have gone a little overboard, but I celebrated Halloween on two weekends in two different costumes. First one was a gothic lolita type character for my goth-themed Halloween party (slash house warming party), and the other a pierrot. I had actually crocheted a lacy cap for the pierrot costume, but forgot to take it with me on the day of the party! A shame. I’ll have to recreate the pierrot look to take some pictures of it at least.


I hosted the goth-themed Halloween dinner party with Honey B’Zarre. Most of the decor you see in these pictures, like the spider webs, table cloths, picture frames and spiders, came from her massive hoard of Halloween party decoration. Just the sheer amount of it made me quite jealous!


I wouldn’t advise stealing from this bowl. You might get grabbed.

There were apples, heaps of candy, marshmallow squares, jello shots (bright green with chewy brain-shaped candy in the  middle), carved pumpkins, carved watermelon brain (that could be handily filled with booze), vegetable pie, yellow curry with tofu, rice, cheeses and oven cauliflowers, kale crisps… A sufficient amount of food to make all our corset-wearing guests loosen up their laces!



Sadie is not amused.

Sadie is not amused.


Honey’s gothy look.



The carved melon was a lot of fun to make, but the shape seemed to attract some unwanted guests…



…Uh oh!

Round 2 of Halloween pictures will come up later!

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2 thoughts on “Halloween!

  1. This is amazing! When my husband and I finally get our own house/apartment with enough space to host a party, this is what I hope it looks like. Besides, we have the perfect yard ornaments – hearses!

    It looks like the party was a blast. The food looks like it was really tasty and really fun to make, I love the “vomiting” pumpkin.

    • Thanks! I don’t have an awful lot of room either, but luckily there’s just enough for the big table. It doesn’t take a mansion to have a nice party (although I wouldn’t mind one!)

      It’s a bit funny how everyone were pulling sulky gothy poses at the camera – it almost looks like they had a terrible time. 😀

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