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New Finnish Burlesque Magazine!



Woohoo, bathroom selfies!

On August 23rd it was time to celebrate the publication of the first Finnish burlesque magazine Paljettipommi! Paljettipommi translates as “a sequin bomb”, which does describe burlesque scene quite accurately; enormous bursts of creative energy after which you can find little specks of glitter from your hair and clothes weeks afterwards.

I had a great pleasure of helping around with the publication party together with my friend and burlesque-partner Honey B’Zarre. We made some bomb headpieces (quite suitable for the theme!) for the pick-ups and on the day of the celebrations put up the curtain on the stage.


Of course the stage needed to be tested! (Note to self:  work on your posing)

I wish I had taken even a few photographs of the performances, but I was too busy simply enjoying them. Being there at the location before the show began meant we got to snatch ourselves front row seats, which especially for Honey was quite a rarity since she’s usually busy working backstage at these events. The shows were wonderful: the theme was to celebrate the journey of the Finnish burlesque scene over the years and many performers dug out their very first numbers (that had seen loads of re-working over the years, of course) and other memorable, but not-often-seen acts. Lots of memories and stories were shared that made me feel strangely nostalgic,  even if I wasn’t a part of the scene myself in the very beginning.

Thinking about the warm and sparkly atmosphere of the show still makes me feel kind of fuzzy – had I written this post immediately afterwards it would have been possibly even sappier. But the thing is, at the burlesque events I somehow feel at home. It’s where all the eccentric, sparkly creatures like myself can sort of blend in. It makes me very happy to have found this marvelous world, and I hope I’ll get to be a part of it in the future as well.

You can read the whole Paljettipommi magazine here. The magazine is in Finnish, but there are a lot of nice photos (like of *cough* some lovely pick-ups on page 36).

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