Lorelai Blue

New sparkly banner, new sparkly home

Here are a few glimpses of the past week, during which I have…



…Messed around with glitter to make my blog’s new banner image. You don’t want to know how hard it is to get rid of that stuff when it’s spread all over the floor. Oops.


…Fallen in love with calligraphy (again) and felt slightly preposterous writing my artist name on my sketchbook so many times.




…and photographed almost everything through a big pink plastic diamond (seen in the first picture of this post), of which my dog seemed to disapprove by the looks he gave me when it was his turn to be in front of the lens.

I have also been busy with school work, received SUPER-FANTASTIC NEWS  (which I am dying to share with you, but can’t yet!) and been settling in my “new” home, which is basically downstairs of my current room. I’ll be inhabiting my grandmother’s old apartment now that she got into a nursery home to get the care she needs.

My old room could barely accommodate my king-size bed, but now I have roon enough to dance about and a luxurious sewing space equipped with a big table surface for cutting fabric and drafting patterns! Bliss! There’s still lots of cleaning and cozying up to do, but it already feels like home. Maybe because of the way everything slightly sparkles with glitter now.

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