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Gothy Crochet


I’ve wanted to have a go at designing gothic crocheted necklaces for ages and one night in the last days of summer my first attempt at this finally happened. I’m not sure whether I’m entirely happy with the design yet, but after a few modifications I might write down instructions to make this if anyone’s interested. Or just for practice’s sake. There are loads of design sketches for other crochet chokers and garments, which I’d love to turn into projects – and patterns! – one day.


The necklace is crocheted with Anchor Freccia 12 and a 1,25 mm hook. The finer the yarn the lacier the effect! I’m so used to working with very fine yarn lately that is seems like any project made with worsted weight yarn is practically completed in nanoseconds. Ok, slight exaggeration, but still.


Another project I made using the Anchor Freccia yarn is this little lacy headband. I found the pattern through Ravelry, and you can download the PDF for it here by clicking that orange button saying “PDF” in the lower right corner. The pattern is in Japanese, but you can easily make the headband if you can read charts.


Finally I’d like to present another nice background I’ve used for project photographs: the crumbling concrete wall of my house! You didn’t see that coming, did you? I think it looks lovely when the light hits it through the trees. I’ve always loved photographing in natural light opposed to musty, artificial studios anyway. Even though the lighting conditions are ever-changing and unpredictable it always feels somehow fresher to shoot outdoors.

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