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Free Fall Tank


Lately I’ve been – among million other things – trying to dig out forgotten UFOs and either finish them or put them out of their misery. I was surprised to find this top still waiting to be finished! I knit the entire thing on my last winter holiday, and apparently never got around weaving in the ends to make it wearable.

The pattern I used is Free Fall Tank by Anniina Päivärinta. The design is quite clever in the way it uses dropped stitches to create the vertical stripes. It also reduces the yardage you need, so the smallest size uses up only one skein! I knit the bigger size, although I would have probably comfortably fitted in the smaller size too. Ah well!


As you can see, it’s quite, ahem, well-ventilated. If I’ll wear this for school I’ll definitely make up a little tube top to go underneath it, although I’m the sort of person who isn’t awfully bothered about showing a bit of bra when going out. This would be a nice top to wear for a goth club. And wearing a lot of see-through black things is goth, right?


I had only two issues with this pattern: firstly, it wasn’t very clearly phrased. It might be my own lack of experience with knitting patterns (and it very likely is), but I found that many other knitters seemed to struggle with understanding the diagrams too. I had to refer to both the Finnish and the English pattern instructions to get the hang of it. Secondly: in the bigger size the armpits are really low. for the photos I actually tucked the sides to the top of my bra to keep them from flopping out. Another reason to wear the tube top underneath this!


My sister was kind enough to take these photographs for me. What was supposed to be just a few quick pics of the top turned into a fun little photo-shoot. I particularly enjoy the setting by the pond – this location will probably be used for photo-shoots in the future as well.

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2 thoughts on “Free Fall Tank

  1. Really like this top!
    And impromptu photo shoots are the best, aren’t they! I had one of those on Sunday that involved a lake, long white dresses and shawls!

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