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A Touch of Glamor

First up from the summer’s crochet projects I present…


The “Touch of Glamor” collar! It’s worked from a 1954 The Australian Women’s Weekly pattern found via the Trove archive.

Almost every ingredient of this project is thrifted: the cotton yarn is unraveled from one of my grandmother’s old unfinished crochet projects, the button is from her old button box and the pearls from the thrift shop. I originally wanted to use a rhinestone buckle I had salvaged from an old dress to get closer to the look on the original pattern photograph, but it ended up looking too large for the finished collar.


Here’s the origin of the yarn for my project. Poor little abandoned square! It’s such a pretty thing to unravel, but I don’t feel too bad about it since I gave it new life as something usable. I wonder what pattern my grandmother used and if there are any more of these hiding around the house.


Rhinestone buckle. Pity it didn’t quite work for the project.

The construction of the collar is delightfully simple. You simply crochet three strips of scallops and combine them by sewing pearls between them. Then you sew a hook and eye to keep it in place (or a button like I did) and voilà! You’ve got yourself a pretty vintage collar!


The strips were horribly wrinkly before pressing.




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3 thoughts on “A Touch of Glamor

  1. It’s fantastic! I love that you upcycled all of the components. Cheers, Ann

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