Lorelai Blue

End of Holiday Update


Well, well…

What ever happened to all my grand summer sewing plans? The usual. I started off my holiday still energized from my hectic spring, not fully realizing how much in need of rest I actually was. But as soon as I could stay up late and sleep as much as I wanted, I sure did. And of course summer holiday just makes one lazy – the vintage dress still lays on my table unsewn, and the other one hasn’t even left my sketch book.

That said – I haven’t slept through the entire summer! Apart from the few painting commissions and starting to build a burlesque act, I’ve been actually working on a big, super-exciting sewing-related project. As for now it’s all hush-hush and I can share no detail until next year, but wait and see! I hope my upcoming school work won’t intervene with that too much and I’ll be able to share the results next year. But there’ll definitely be quite a few big projects to announce in the future.

I’ve also done a lot of crocheting, which I often resort to when procrastinating. And avoiding sewing I’ve crocheted: two potholders, a bikini top, two collars, a lacy headband and started crocheting a dress.

Here are the potholders. I’ll show you the more exciting stuff later!

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