Lorelai Blue

Butterfly embroidery

Summer sewing begins with a birthday gift for my twin sister. A late one, that is, our birthday was last week and the butterfly purse I’m making her is still in progress!


As usual I started the project in the middle of the night and didn’t bother with making proper transfers. The design is only roughly sketched on the linen with a felt-tip fabric marking pen. I really like how the colours pop against the gray background; embroidery threads have such lovely shimmer they’re perfect for the iridescent butterfly wings.


I wasn’t sure if she’d like it at all (her style can be quite androgynous and even minimalist  and she has a strong sense of what she likes), but she saw the work in progress (yep, i’m not good with surprises!) and immediately liked it. Hooray! Now it only needs a few white spots on the wings and then I’ll be sewing it into a zippered pouch by her request.

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2 thoughts on “Butterfly embroidery

  1. beautiful ….

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