Lorelai Blue

Sinsational Spring Awakening 2014

Sinsational Spring Awakening 2014 was held in Restaurant Kaisaniemi on May 24th. As I mentioned in my previous post I had the privilege take part creating the event working as a pick-up. The evening was steamy, fantastic and full of memorable performances!

Our pick-up team: Honey, B’Zarre, Karoliina Heart and Lorelai Blue.

Watching the backstage preparations of a burlesque show is exciting. Extravagant costumes, rehearsals, fake lashes, glitter and tassels – I felt such a tingle and longing to be performing myself! Burlesque is such a fascinating and inspiring form of performance it’s impossible to watch the shows without getting all kinds of ideas for possible burlesque numbers oneself. I have a lot of ideas for both solo and group performances and I think it’s about time to start seriously working on them.

The backstage was about as hot as it gets. Helsinki was enjoying an early heat wave and the temperatures at the venue at times genuinely felt like a sauna. Despite the sweat I enjoyed the atmosphere enormously – and what could be a better welcome for the summer than a tropical burlesque show?

Relaxing in the heat before the show.

My pick-up partners were Karoliina Heart, who I have already had the pleasure of getting known to through my burlesque dance classes and my internship at Pin-Up Garage, and Honey B’Zarre, a wonderful new acquaintance who had already worked as a pick-up several times and helped me and Karoliina along. We had a lot of fun together and I bet both of these ladies would make terrific burlesque performers themselves as well.

Pick-ups getting introduced, Photo © Jari B. Miettinen

The work itself was making sure each performer had all the props they needed ready on stage before their numbers and picking up everything that was undressed and left behind afterwards. Sometimes pick-ups get to have a bit of a show themselves too if there’s time between acts that lacks entertainment, but this time there were so many performers we just had to be as quick as possible – while of course being like coquettish and cute pin-up girls on a picnic.

Photo © Jari B. Miettinen

Photo © Jari B. Miettinen

Picking up Bettie Blackheart’s huge ostrich feather fans, Photo © Jari B. Miettinen.

I can’t wait to be involved in more burlesque events. Who knows, next time I might be performing myself! If you want to see more from the evening, check Tuomas Lairila’s photos.

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