Lorelai Blue


I’m Johanna, a.k.a Lorelai Blue, a vintage and pin-up enthusiast, burlesque lover, sewing student and artist.

Photo ©Ann L. Andersson

Before this blog I’ve had numerous other attempts at blogging, all in different corners of the  internet and all pretty much abandoned at present. I blogged here about drawing (such a long time ago I’m almost embarrassed to share), here about sewing and crafts and also had about two other sketch/oekaki blogs as well. At some point it started feeling silly having one blog per interest, so I decided to bring them together. I also wanted to try a new blogging platform since Livejournal had long ago started to feel a rather forgotten little corner of the Internet, and when I finally came up with my burlesque name a few weeks ago it was time to do so!

In this blog I’ll ramble about sewing, burlesque events, art, photography and everything else close to my heart. Enjoy!

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One thought on “Hello!

  1. Great, Johanna !

    Looking forward your delightful ‘rambling’ about all the interesting stuff about art and sewing etc etc 🙂 Good luck !
    I’m so happy you used the portrait I made of you.

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